been awhile

So i didnt make Olympic Knitting i got one mitten done and the cuff of the other but then i got really busy and couldnt fit the rest in =/

I did, however, Finish the Orange sweater that took me like 8 months. I finished it on Sunday and wore it the same day - it looks good i think but the sleeves are a little short. I dont have any pictures of it on me but here it is laying out on my desk.

And here is a detail shot of the cables.

The color of the first picture is most acurate but even that isnt really it. Its brighter.

Yarn/Needles- Austermann Peru from Elann.com, 20 balls (exactly what the pattern called for), size 3 boye interchangables

Pattern - The pattern that Elann sent out with a purchase of a certain number of balls from a discontinued Austermann book. The pattern was well written, no mistakes and great charts, I definitely recomend it.