Well, i havent updated in awhile but i have been knitting a lot. Since my last post ive finished a pair of ankle socks and most of another, finished the back of my orange sweater and have about 2 inches done on the front (When the front is done i can FINALLY sew it all together, this thing has been on needles for MONTHS!). I also finished the front and about half the back of the blue sweater.

As if i dont have enough projects on needles I joined the Knitting Olympics. Id post buttons and stuff, but i dont know how. Im knitting the Northern Lights Mittens from Knit picks in the colors they show. Except the brown they tell you to get in the pattern isnt the brown in the pictures, and i didnt even check till i got the yarn, the colors dont stand out quite as good against it, but i think itll still look good. So i am on Team USA Faire Isle. This is my first ever attempt at Faire Isle and im a little nervous but I think ill be able to pull it off.


Blogger Kiri said...

I have a long overdue thankyou present to send ya. Please email me your address when you get a chance to :)

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