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I posted about finishing my socks last night (finished them around 1130, started them washing and blocking around midnight lol), I was so tired i really didnt look too much at them besides making sure they were even and stuff, besides they were soaking wet. but when i looked at them this morning i am amazed. The color did bleed some but the color stayed the same mostly but really the best part is how even the stitchs are! I do knit fairly even, or try to, but i was a little worried about the sole of the foot where the needle join was cause there was some loose stitches there. I cant even tell where that is anymore. Ive never had any yarn become so perfect after a wash before. Im in complete awe. I cant wait to use it again!


Anonymous Judith in NYC said...

Hi, saw your name listed in the Esther Williams KAL and read a few of your old posts. I have had bad luck with Brittany Birches too but they are really good about replacing the needles. In my experience they will replace needle for needle but sometimes I have received two for each broken one. One time I commented to them that my dog had eaten a straight needle and they replaced that one too!!
Even so, I prefer Takumi except when I get sick of the 7-inchers catching on my sleeve. I wish they made 5" ones.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, your socks look beautiful! I really hope your like yours. I will mail them out on Monday, one of your socks where M.I.A (thankfully to my daughter) and I just found it yesterday.

YOur Sock pal:o)

10:19 PM  

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