my socks came!!

I just got home from my boyfriends house and saw a package waiting for me! of course I ran into the kitchen and opened it in about .02 seconds hehe. Inside were my socks from none other than Ariane of wicked_stitches.typepad.com/ !!

I tried to get a picture of them as soon as i tried them on, but its 10:30 at night and the light in my room isnt enough to get a good picture, but you can see them on her blog and they are amazing and fit perfectly!

Thank you Ariane!


after my sock exchange socks i was still in a sock mood....i cast on for a pair of ankle toe up socks from a ball of random sock yarn i had, finished one in two days and have the toe done of the second one so far. I only had one skein of it - 50 grams - so ankle socks were the only thing i could do. I have another lone ball of sock yarn in a different color that ill do the same thing with after.

The sock i was doing before the sock exchange i got more done of, im working on the gusset now, but the stitch pattern is pretty boring and im not sure i like the way it looks so i dunno what im gonna do with it. i would hate to rip it out but i might end up doing that.

the two sweaters im working on have grown about an inch each from the pictures that are further down, ive been slacking pretty bad on them. The orange one only needs the front and back, ive been working on it for like 6 months - it should definitely be done by now. The blue one is relatively new but its bigger yarn and size 6 needles so its going faster then the orange one.

Ill post pictures next week of everything next week when im home.


new favorite yarn

I posted about finishing my socks last night (finished them around 1130, started them washing and blocking around midnight lol), I was so tired i really didnt look too much at them besides making sure they were even and stuff, besides they were soaking wet. but when i looked at them this morning i am amazed. The color did bleed some but the color stayed the same mostly but really the best part is how even the stitchs are! I do knit fairly even, or try to, but i was a little worried about the sole of the foot where the needle join was cause there was some loose stitches there. I cant even tell where that is anymore. Ive never had any yarn become so perfect after a wash before. Im in complete awe. I cant wait to use it again!


i finished both socks and they are blocking at the moment. I found out where the post office is in the town my schools at too so i will be sending them out this weekend! yay i hope she likes them and i hope they fit!


Holiday Sock Exchange pictures

I figured it was time to post pictures of my sock exchange socks - only one is done at the moment, but i have finished the gusset on the second and it will be done in a few days. Im stuck at school till the 20th though and might have a hard time sending it out on time =/

anyway here it is - its the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Heres some close ups of the stitch detail of the leg and the toe - im not sure how i feel about the toe yet.