Well, the sock swap is kicking off so heres the answers to the questions hehe.

1. What are your foot measurements?
From Toe to heel - 9.5 inches
Around the ball of foot - 8.5 inches
Around Ankle - about 9.5 inches
I never noticed how big my feet are hehe, i wear a size 9 or 9.5 shoe, ive never had a problem with sizing when knitting a regular womans sized sock before though.

2. Do you have a favorite sock yarn?
Of what ive knit with the most pleasent is Koigu, I usually go for superwash wools for regular use socks though.

3. Is there a specific pattern you favor?...lace or ribbed?
I like everything, im really easy going when it comes to socks. I usually pick something with some lace in it (its the only time i knit lace) but i like just regular ribbed ones too. I want my pal to be happy knitting these socks so pick what you like to knit cause i generally like everything hehe.

4. What colors do you prefer? Do you like solids or stripes?
I like blues and greens, orangy peachy, Pink in moderation. I like either earth tones or very bright, im not a fan of pastels. I prefer solids or varigated yarns over stripes - esp. when in a textured pattern. Ive used self striping yarns and had nice results too though.

5. Do you have any allergies to a specific fiber?
No allergies per say, but mohair itches a bit much for me

6. Holiday that you usually celebrate?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, we have a lot in commom, colorwise! Off to pick out your yarn:o)

Holiday Knitter

2:39 PM  

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