Not for me...

So I've come to the conclusion that Brittany Birch needles are not for me. Ive had way more problems than they are worth. Out of a set of five Ive had two snap on me and one chip. I emailed the company, and im hopping they send me out a full set but i only told them about one snapping so they might only send one needle. This means that i have to go out and buy another set of size one DPNs - most likely in bamboo because i dont have enough now to finish my socks. My only other size one DPNs are metal and are in use.

In Sock pal news - ive finished the gusset on the first one, but they are small....very small. I can bairly get them on my feet but i have pretty big feet. My sock pal never gave me her measurements so i am praying that these will fit her, but im not sure. I will email her tonight to get those, but im deathly afraid that ill have to rip these back which i SO dont want to do, but of course the whole point is to have a wearable pair of socks....


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