been awhile

So i didnt make Olympic Knitting i got one mitten done and the cuff of the other but then i got really busy and couldnt fit the rest in =/

I did, however, Finish the Orange sweater that took me like 8 months. I finished it on Sunday and wore it the same day - it looks good i think but the sleeves are a little short. I dont have any pictures of it on me but here it is laying out on my desk.

And here is a detail shot of the cables.

The color of the first picture is most acurate but even that isnt really it. Its brighter.

Yarn/Needles- Austermann Peru from Elann.com, 20 balls (exactly what the pattern called for), size 3 boye interchangables

Pattern - The pattern that Elann sent out with a purchase of a certain number of balls from a discontinued Austermann book. The pattern was well written, no mistakes and great charts, I definitely recomend it.


Olympic Knitting!

Faire Isle goes so FAST! from friday afternoon ive already gotten all the way through to the thumb opening done. I just cant put it down, i want to see the pattern come out so i just keep going and going. Im snowed in today so that leaves for a lot of knitting time. I didnt think id be able to finish the pair in the 2 weeks, but now i definitely think ill be able to. I hope =). Pictures later.


Well, i havent updated in awhile but i have been knitting a lot. Since my last post ive finished a pair of ankle socks and most of another, finished the back of my orange sweater and have about 2 inches done on the front (When the front is done i can FINALLY sew it all together, this thing has been on needles for MONTHS!). I also finished the front and about half the back of the blue sweater.

As if i dont have enough projects on needles I joined the Knitting Olympics. Id post buttons and stuff, but i dont know how. Im knitting the Northern Lights Mittens from Knit picks in the colors they show. Except the brown they tell you to get in the pattern isnt the brown in the pictures, and i didnt even check till i got the yarn, the colors dont stand out quite as good against it, but i think itll still look good. So i am on Team USA Faire Isle. This is my first ever attempt at Faire Isle and im a little nervous but I think ill be able to pull it off.


my socks came!!

I just got home from my boyfriends house and saw a package waiting for me! of course I ran into the kitchen and opened it in about .02 seconds hehe. Inside were my socks from none other than Ariane of wicked_stitches.typepad.com/ !!

I tried to get a picture of them as soon as i tried them on, but its 10:30 at night and the light in my room isnt enough to get a good picture, but you can see them on her blog and they are amazing and fit perfectly!

Thank you Ariane!


after my sock exchange socks i was still in a sock mood....i cast on for a pair of ankle toe up socks from a ball of random sock yarn i had, finished one in two days and have the toe done of the second one so far. I only had one skein of it - 50 grams - so ankle socks were the only thing i could do. I have another lone ball of sock yarn in a different color that ill do the same thing with after.

The sock i was doing before the sock exchange i got more done of, im working on the gusset now, but the stitch pattern is pretty boring and im not sure i like the way it looks so i dunno what im gonna do with it. i would hate to rip it out but i might end up doing that.

the two sweaters im working on have grown about an inch each from the pictures that are further down, ive been slacking pretty bad on them. The orange one only needs the front and back, ive been working on it for like 6 months - it should definitely be done by now. The blue one is relatively new but its bigger yarn and size 6 needles so its going faster then the orange one.

Ill post pictures next week of everything next week when im home.


new favorite yarn

I posted about finishing my socks last night (finished them around 1130, started them washing and blocking around midnight lol), I was so tired i really didnt look too much at them besides making sure they were even and stuff, besides they were soaking wet. but when i looked at them this morning i am amazed. The color did bleed some but the color stayed the same mostly but really the best part is how even the stitchs are! I do knit fairly even, or try to, but i was a little worried about the sole of the foot where the needle join was cause there was some loose stitches there. I cant even tell where that is anymore. Ive never had any yarn become so perfect after a wash before. Im in complete awe. I cant wait to use it again!


i finished both socks and they are blocking at the moment. I found out where the post office is in the town my schools at too so i will be sending them out this weekend! yay i hope she likes them and i hope they fit!


Holiday Sock Exchange pictures

I figured it was time to post pictures of my sock exchange socks - only one is done at the moment, but i have finished the gusset on the second and it will be done in a few days. Im stuck at school till the 20th though and might have a hard time sending it out on time =/

anyway here it is - its the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Heres some close ups of the stitch detail of the leg and the toe - im not sure how i feel about the toe yet.


This is my Esther Williams hat Its made from Peruvial wool from elann about a year ago when they had a bag sale of it - single ply 100% wool, soft with a nice halo. Was a nice stash buster - used about 2 and half of the small skeins, may make a few more. very easy to follow pattern with an interesting stitch turned out very cute i thought.



i joined poor miss finch's KAL for her new hat pattern, and i finished mine last night - its dark green in some old elann peruvian wool bag sale stuff - loosly spun single ply 100% wool. It has a nice halo to it and resembles Lambs Pride without the mohair in it. Ill post pictures next week when i have my camera.


Not for me...

So I've come to the conclusion that Brittany Birch needles are not for me. Ive had way more problems than they are worth. Out of a set of five Ive had two snap on me and one chip. I emailed the company, and im hopping they send me out a full set but i only told them about one snapping so they might only send one needle. This means that i have to go out and buy another set of size one DPNs - most likely in bamboo because i dont have enough now to finish my socks. My only other size one DPNs are metal and are in use.

In Sock pal news - ive finished the gusset on the first one, but they are small....very small. I can bairly get them on my feet but i have pretty big feet. My sock pal never gave me her measurements so i am praying that these will fit her, but im not sure. I will email her tonight to get those, but im deathly afraid that ill have to rip these back which i SO dont want to do, but of course the whole point is to have a wearable pair of socks....


Bad Luck

I have NEVER had such bad luck when it comes to knitting. Ive had to rip this sock back three times so far, and while restarting it for the third time i broke one of my brand new brittany Birch needles in half. What is wrong with me? they better look damn good when im finally done ><


ugh I'm so upset with my self. I was moving along with my sock pal sock - just about at the heel flap, and I messed up the pattern...I had to rip the whole thing out, like 6 inches. I restarted and am back to about an inch, but its really upsetting, I was so happy with what I had it looked really good.

I haven't really been working on anything else lately though, my other pair of socks have grown a bit, but havent really touched either sweater in awhile...


The Yarn Barn

while looking for a store in my area that sells lorna's Laces (for my sock pal) i came across The Yarn Barn...its about 10 minutes away from campus and its great! i didnt have much time to look around but they appear to be very well stocked, Cascade, Rowan, Jager, Koigu, Lornas Laces, Debbie Bliss...you name it. They also take credit card which is a huge plus for me - the store near my house doesnt, and i tend to not shop there because of that (and their lack of stock). The only thing that i was a little disappointed in was the lack of colors they had of Shepard Sock - and what they did have they really only had one skein of each color - the color i wanted had two skeins - thank god. But i will definitely be going back to this store again, hopefully when im not pressed for time, i didnt even get to look at their books!

I got a solid color, denim and a set of Brittany Birch 5 inch US 1 DPNs - im loving them so far. the length is amazing and the feel? wow. they are like the perfect in between for me of metal and bamboo - i always feel like im going to break my bamboo ones, and the metal ones are too rigid for me, esp in DPNs - i like them to bend a tiny bit.

I had plans to make a gorgeous pair of lace socks that i had a pattern for, but when i was working it the numbers didnt work out right and while i could probably work the numbers out i think it would be a little too time consuming, esp as im worried about the deadline as it is. So im working on a pair of very nice lace socks from Vintage Knits. Im a little into the leg atm, and its looking good so far. I got the solid color for the more complicated lace to show up and with this more simple lace i kinda wish i had gotten a colorway with a little bit more variation, but they will still look great.


Well, the sock swap is kicking off so heres the answers to the questions hehe.

1. What are your foot measurements?
From Toe to heel - 9.5 inches
Around the ball of foot - 8.5 inches
Around Ankle - about 9.5 inches
I never noticed how big my feet are hehe, i wear a size 9 or 9.5 shoe, ive never had a problem with sizing when knitting a regular womans sized sock before though.

2. Do you have a favorite sock yarn?
Of what ive knit with the most pleasent is Koigu, I usually go for superwash wools for regular use socks though.

3. Is there a specific pattern you favor?...lace or ribbed?
I like everything, im really easy going when it comes to socks. I usually pick something with some lace in it (its the only time i knit lace) but i like just regular ribbed ones too. I want my pal to be happy knitting these socks so pick what you like to knit cause i generally like everything hehe.

4. What colors do you prefer? Do you like solids or stripes?
I like blues and greens, orangy peachy, Pink in moderation. I like either earth tones or very bright, im not a fan of pastels. I prefer solids or varigated yarns over stripes - esp. when in a textured pattern. Ive used self striping yarns and had nice results too though.

5. Do you have any allergies to a specific fiber?
No allergies per say, but mohair itches a bit much for me

6. Holiday that you usually celebrate?



I was a little hesitant when i bought Marly by On-Line to make my jo sharp sweater, but this yarn is amazing. Its merino superwash, and its spun so that its got a LOT of give. Its knitting up so nice and even too. The only problem? I think its been discontinued. I cant find it on On Lines website (which is in another language). And elann only has one color of it left and its not one that i really like all that much, so i guess i have to make due with what i have.